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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Artist Inspiration: Up And Coming Artists

Today we look at several artists who have great potential. It is no secret that I love studies and these artists have either most of their sketchbook dedicated to studies or have unique studies. These artists show alot of promise and it willbe great to see them grow.


Artist: FE-W

It is not often I include a DA account in the sketchbook section but with FE-W I am willing to make an exception. The thing I like about FE-W is the volume of studies. In his gallery you will prodominantly see figure studies along with the source material. It will be great to see more environment studies and I would love the design lab to become a regular feature.

Artist: PhilipO
Sketchbook Name: Philip's Sketches

There are a lot of very nice images here. From studies and concepts to finished pieces this sketchbook shows alot of potential. The main area that I would like to see improved upon would be the values. At times some of the characters seem abit flat so just spending a few days studying values will give the figures more of a presence. I cannot wait to see this sketchbook grow into something special.

Artist: Xanath
Sketchbook Name: Xanath's Sketchbook

The pencil work in this sketchbook is truely impressive. Values are subtle yet distinct and handled with a level of professionalism. I would like to see some value studies done digitally if this is the area Xanath wishes to pursue just so he can build confidence with transfering his skills with the pencil to his chosen software. Over all I can see big things for this sketchbook in the near future especailly if focus is placed on pencil work.

Featured Book Color and Light by James Gurney

This is a book that deserves to be in any artists libarary. Even if you have extensive knowlage in colour and light this book may still teach you a thing or two.

"James Gurney's new book, Colour and Light, cleverly bridges the gap between artistic observation and scientific explanation. Not only does he eloquently describe all the effects of colour and light an artist might encounter, but he thrills us with his striking paintings in the process." --Armand Cabrera, Artist

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Featured Video 

 This is one of my favourite speed paining videos. I found it a few years ago and it was one of the first speed paintings I watched.

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