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Monday, 4 February 2013

Deviant Art Feature: SourAcid

I discovered SourAcid through a live chat that I join  every Wednesday. After a quick look at his gallery I felt I should feature his work on this blog. Here is the link to the full profile

Mainly focusing on portraits SourAcid has a very professional style. Rendering is handled with real care and attention. The lighting looks fantastic in every one of his pieces.

SourAcid's personality comes out in each of his pieces. One piece can have a serious tone but he is never afraid to try something a bit more fun. Octopolis (shown above) has a great over the top feel to it. Part of a colab this bizzar image is both eye catching and well executed. The pink hair really draws your eye to the subject and the tentacles ensure your eye won't be leaving in a hurry.

The thing that I really love about SourAcid's gallery is the bright vibrant colours, well that and the ladies XD. The images are strong enough to stand on their own but when you look at the whole gallery you get a real sense of SourAcid's skill. There is not a single bad image to bring the gallery down.

There are a few pieces of fan art. Normally I would not knowingly feature fan art images but in this case I will make an exception. L from death note looks recognisable yet SourAcid has left his own mark on this subject capturing his odd personality perfectly.

For some critique I would like to see more characters in environments. Taka (shown above) is a wonderfully realised piece and I would love to see more like it.

My personal favourite piece is the mummy (shown above). This unique take on  a classic monster is wonderfully depicted. The texture on the bandages is a great contrast to the leather coat and the background makes this image pop out.

Keep an eye out for more works from SourAcid.

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