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Saturday, 10 November 2012

Great examples of dragon art

Dragon art
The dragon is one of the most popular and recognisable fantasy creatures. Long has it been used as a symbol of power and strength. In this article we take a look at seven fantastic examples of dragon art. Each image has been selected by me for having something unique about it.

Zombie Dragon by Sandara

The way the flesh just seems to hang off the bones of this beast is something to behold. There is enough decay to show off the fact that this dragon is undead, yet there is enough muscle to still make this dragon look intimidating and realistic. The image is mainly green but Sandara uses red (opposite end of the colour wheel) to make the dragon pop from the background. Green smoke coming from the mouth of the dragon finishes off this piece. This was used in the FFG’s Warhammer Invasion Card game: Karaz-a-Karak pack.

Battle Dragon
by *kerembeyit§ion=&q=dragon#/d24vn5k

Battle dragon has an epic feel to it. Every surface is textured perfectly. I love the detail on the helmet. The image has a cold feel to it because of the use of low satureated greens and blues. The shape of the head feels unique as artists tend to go for a triangular face shape. The dragon here has a more circular face yet still feels menacing. This is because to the teeth and various spikes. Kerembeyit has been vary careful to ensure that our eye is lead all the way around the picture. He has done this through very clever composition choices. For start off the S shape the dragon takes is very pleasing to the eye. Armor and scales point downward to help guide your eye. This image was featured in EXPOSE 7

The Dragon Rises
by *Kaizeru

The way Kaizeru has almost humanized the dragon here is a joy to behold. The interaction and similarity between the dragon and the human counterpart is what makes this image special. The use of fur and horns lends itself to some exciting composition choices. No space is wasted within the image. Everywhere you look there is some small detail that adds to the image. The dragon has the look of an old wise sage. This is due to the beard, long hair and moustache. Whilst the dragon design itself is not that unique the way he is used to tell as story is inspired. I cant see any other type of dragon fitting in this image quiet as well.

Water Dragon
by ~Zethrix

Simply wow. The colours, the textures, the detail. I absolutely love this piece of dragon art. The dragon really stands out from the milky white background with an eerie blue ethereal glow. The little specks of snow and the turbulent blizzard feel really add personality to this piece. Every little detail is designed to dictate the movement of this beast. To me the dragon seems both violent and almost clumsy. It feels like it is almost crashing into the snow. The detail on the scales seems abit off but that only adds to the appeal to this piece.

White Dragon
By *Woodland-Mel

The dragon here has a feminine look about it. This is achieved by the hair, eyes, and feathery wings. By making this dragon slightly chunky the artist has given it a cuddley feel to it. The friendly nature is emphasized by the inclusion of children interacting with it.

Dragon Spirit
by *daxiong

Dragon spirit has a tattoo like look to it. The strong colours and line work create an eye catching design. Unlike a tattoo there is a staggering amount of detail. Repititious scales and strands of firey fur really hold your eye in place. Much like “the dragon rises” there is a certain level of interaction between the two characters in this image. Similarities within the colour scheme of the ladies dress and the dragon also suggests a bond between the two. Both the form of the woman and the form of the dragon control your eye and force it around the image.

Celestial Dragon
by *beastofoblivion

The dragon here has a very light ethereal look to it. The wings and mane of this beast look like they are made of pure light. The light colour pallet has really paid off here as it looks unlike any dragon I have seen before. Dispite being white the dragon has a vicious look to it. This is created by the sharp edges present through out the image. Another key feature is the snake like look to the head. This is a fantastic design choice as a lot of people tend to fear snakes. Muscles are clearly defined giving the creature a powerful feel to it. This is obliviously an extreamly strong flyer and would probably rip you to shreads if you fought it head on.

Lilith and Dragon
by ~jengslizer

Well this piece makes me smile on so many levels. This has got to be one of the most unique designs of dragons I have seen in a very long time. They seem harmless verging on cute. Small teeth seem to suggest that even if they did bite you the worst you would get is a slight bruse. Whilst they don’t look a threat they do have a lot of personality in their faces. Kind of like a small chwawa that barks at a pit bull. It may not have a chance in a fight but it will certainly give it a good shot. Like some of the previous images there is an unspoken relationship with the human character and the dragon. Here rather than an equal relationship we have a domineering one. These things are almost like pets to here. The black outfit she wears also makes here look like a mistress.

Here have been just 8 examples. If you find a piece that you feel deserves credit please leave a comment. Remember to like and share this article on facebook and twitter.

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