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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Deviant Art Feature: jonesmac2006 caricature artist

Bruce Lee Caricature

Artist: Scott Jones-McMahon
Deviant Art Account:

I don't get the chance to see much caricature art and Scott's work is by far the best I have seen by a long mile. His work is delightfully distorted but not so much that it is unrecognisable from the source. Skin tones are masterfully executed anchoring each image with a sense of reality. Bellow are a few of my favourite images in his gallery. Be sure to check out the full gallery yourself as there are so many fantastic pieces.

Green Mile Michael Clarke Duncan (John Coffey)

The expression on the face of John Coffey is a perfect balance of damage and aggression. In the film John was like a gentle giant who found himself on death row. The man looked intimidating but we found out he was as much a victim as the people he supposedly murdered. This piece captures the film perfectly.

Ripley Caricature

I love the rough feel to this image. Ripley looks tough in this. Replacing her feminine facial features with more masculine ones has really worked. The image is eye catching yet still recognisable. Extremely imaginative work on the subject matter.

A caricature of Milla Jovovich
I have never really seen a nude caricature and this one is awesome. The emphasis on curves combine with an almost rubber like quality makes this image really stunning. Great imagination and execution.

Clint Eastwood caricature

I absolutely love this image. Expression is perfect and the emphasis on the forehead is well captured. The lighting is done so well that you could almost mistake this caricature for the real Clint Eastwood. Hell I think I would rather see the caricature version in Dirty Harry.

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