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Sunday, 17 March 2013

Sketchbook Feature: Inward outward! i want to draw

Sketchbook Name: Inward outward! I want to draw
Artsit: GrayPersona

Whilst this is a small sketchbook at the moment, it is no less deserving of a look. The improvement GrayPersona has made is impressive.

There are alot of nice studies. From Bridgeman to Loomis this artist is off to a great start. Gray also has a good grasp of values which I know from personal experience is a tricky subject.

If there is one small complaint I have about the sketchbook it is with the lack of imaginative pieces. GrayPersona has the skill to produce impressive finished pieces but I feel Gray lacks the confidence. I cant wait to see some coloured personal pieces. I am sure they will look amazing.

My personal favourite piece is the jug study. The values are fantastic and the metal is rendered very well. I cant wait to see this artist grow.

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