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Saturday, 10 November 2012

Sketchbooks: Scott Harris

Scott Harris' Harley Quinn Pin Up
The opening for his sketchbook says his goal is to be a versatile conceptual artist. Not too uncommon a goal but what his opening statement lacks in originality he more than make up for in style.

A solid start for this sketchbook with plenty of room to grow. The pin ups have a strong sense of style about them along with very competent line work. Every character has a unique feel about them.

He has some humorous pieces like the hammer time mage but the centrepiece of his sketchbook is his version of Harley Quinn from the batman series, which has some fantastic colour work to it.

His environmental studies have a really nice look about them. Shading and values look good and I would love to see more of them as his sketchbook grows.

If I were to give one piece of constructive criticism to his sketchbook it would be mouths need some work. That said this sketchbook shows a lot of promise. I am looking forward to seeing it grow.

He says he wants to be a concept artist. If he continues to improve from where he is at the moment I have no doubt he will make it in the industry.

Definatly a sketchbook to keep an eye on.

You can visit his sketchbook at

He also has a Deviantart account:

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