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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Art Of God Of War 3 - Sponsored Post


This book is a must have for any aspiring concept artist. 272 pages of pre and post production work behind one of the best loved video game franchises of this generation. 

3D models, character studies, story boards, there is something for all art lovers.

If you are looking to break into the video games industry this book is useful in the way that you can see what level you need to be at and the sort of art you should put your portfolio.

What makes art of god of war 3 so special?

The god of war franchise is famous for it's over the top action and gorgeous set pieces. Kratos himself is iconic.

As well as having concept art, 3D models, storyboards, etc, you also get some words from the artists who worked on the game. The go through their thought processes and much more.

If you have not had the chance to play any god of war, here is a taster of the game.

If this clip interests you even just a little I would recommend getting the art book.

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