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Friday, 5 April 2013

Sketchbook Review: The Aether Technician's Sketchbook

Sketchbook Name: The Aether Technician's Sketchbook
Artist: Aether Technician

Art Work

I really like this sketchbook. From post to post, you have no idea what will come next. I have seen 3D models, quick sketches, concepts, and even some sculpture work. One thing I will warn you about is the start is extremely rough. This is more from in experience than anything else.


In just a few months Aether has transformed so much. In the beginning his work, in all honesty, was not that good, but through hard work and determination Aether seems to be developing an interesting style. This is extremely early days at the moment but there is a lot of potential in his work.

There are a few areas that need addressing first. There are times when his colours appear a bit muddy, but this is a relatively new sketchbook and with the rate he is growing these issues should be sorted out in no time.


I am going to give massive points for this. Not only is his concept art presented in a very neat manner but he has also done something really rare in sketchbooks, animated images. These simple animations really bring the image to life and I would love to see more artists do this. The forever waiting image on page 5 gave me a chuckle.


Here is where the sketchbook falls slightly. I would love to see better audience interaction. I am not sure if he comments on other peoples sketchbooks but I am not a huge fan of 1 word responses. At very least mention their name. That said at least he acknowledges the comment rather than just post his next work.

Other Points

This is a fairly short sketchbook at the moment, with only 6 pages so far. But it is one of the most exciting ones I have seen. Unfortunately it is too small to gain the really high marks, that said I will probably re-review this at a later date.

I sincerely hope Aether does not lose his experimental curiosity as this will make his work stand out from other sketchbooks. Keep trying new things, don't be afraid to fail.

Score 6/10

+ Every post feels fresh and exciting
+ Interesting pieces
+ Great presentation style
+ Animated images

- Very short at the moment
- Little interaction
- Muddy colours in some areas

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