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Thursday, 4 April 2013

Sketchbook Review: NorthernChild Sketchbook

I am going to try something a little different with this review. A new format. If it works out well then all future sketchbook review will be done in this format.

So what is new?

Well we will be reviewing the sketchbook. Not just looking at the art but also interaction with commenter, presentation of the images, and is the artist pushing them self.
Another new feature will be the rating system, complete with summery, so without further delay lets look at today's sketchbook

Sketchbook Name: NorthernChild Sketchbook
Artist: NorthernChild

Art Work

NorthernChild's sketchbook looks great. The work is at a consistent quality level. There is also a good variety of work. One minute Child could be working on a fully rendered finished piece, the next could be a sketch or 3D work. This prevents the sketchbook from getting too stale.


Not too much can be said here. NorthernChild has been pretty consistent. One thing I have noticed is that NorthernChild has got more daring with lighting techniques compared with the start of the sketchbook. I would like to see more interesting perspectives in future updates.


The presentation of some of her image sets looks really nice. This is really oblivious with the 3D projects. Rather than just post one image after another in a vertical column, some time is given to just make sure the layout is not only readable but aesthetically pleasing.

Another thing is some of the 2D works have nice frames around them. This not only looks nice but makes the images stand out that bit more.


NorthernChild always makes an effort to interact with anyone who comments on her sketchbook. If she has no images to show off she will write something anyway. I really enjoy this about any sketchbook. It shows that an artist is not too busy for their fans.

Other Points

Whilst this is what I would consider a high end sketchbook I do kind of miss quick studies. I appreciate that this may not be the direction that NorthernChild wants to go down but I personally always enjoy a few rough pieces or even something a bit silly on occasions.

That said this is a very good sketchbook, and one I am looking forward to see grow.

Score: 8/10

+ Good variety of work
+ Very skilled execution
+ Lots to view (over 23 pages)

- Could do with some interesting perspective pieces
- Would love to see more studies and environments

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