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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Featured Artist: Scott Purdy

If I had to describe Scott's work in one word it would be "disturbed". It is almost as if he has the ability to reach inside your mind and pull out some of you deepest fears, and like the masochist I am, I loved every single image in his portfolio.

Scott has worked on some impressive projects. One of the best known and instantly recognisable is the Dr Who card game. After looking at that part of his portfolio I can tell you He was most certainly the perfect choice for that project. I never realised how creepy the monsters were in Dr Who but Scott has ensured I will not be watching that show before bed any time soon.

Scott Purdy is also a published author. He has two books that can be purchased.


Draw and paint fantasy art - Vampires, teaches you how to draw vampires. Ten extremely gradual step-by-step projects show how to conceptualize, draw and paint a great selection of vampire characters. Projects include all vampire classics? from the legendary Dracula to modern pop-culture icons such as a Goth Vampire and a High School Cheerleader vampire. The first part of the book provides general guidelines on basic concepts and techniques, and vampire lore. Click here for prices. Draw & Paint Fantasy Art - Vampires (Draw and Paint Fantasy Art)


Goblinoids teaches you how to create goblins and goblin like creatures. This fun fantasy art instruction book explores the previously unchartered territory of Goblinoids. Artists of all skill levels will learn how to design, draw and paint every kind of goblin type of creature. This fun exploration of all six goblinoid races of the fantasy world offers a highly practical, step-by-step approach to creating a wide range of characters from the humorous, quirky and cute through to the dark, evil and twisted. Click here for prices for Goblinoids

It seems only natural that Scott Purdy would be into zombies. There is an entire page on his site dedicated to the subject. Naturally this would have some pretty gruesome stuff. That said, wow, the detail in some of these images really shows off not only Scott's talent but also his passion for zombies.

Remember you can view his portfolio on his site and on Deviant art

You can also follow him on Twitter

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