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Monday, 21 January 2013

Sketchbook Feature - Dile wants to go to art-center!

Phoenicorn back with another featured sketchbook. At ArtFreck we are determined to showcase some of the best art work from around the web. Today we feature Dile's sketchbook.

Sketchbook Name:  Dile wants to go to art-center!
Artist: Dile

Whilst some of his images are missing from his sketchbook, it is still worth a visit. Dile has a fantastic grasp of both colour ant texture. There is a great variety of media here from full renders, to 3D models, to youtube videos this is a fantastic sketchbook to visit for inspiration.

I spend a lot of time trawling the web for sketchbooks to feature but I very rarely come across 3D models. The image above got me excited because of the presentation. The white section is used very cleverly to give both a sense of scale and depth. I would love to see more artists post this kind of thing on the web.

Dile's sketches look fantastic. The image below is a great example of his proficiency in perspective. Lines and shading are solid, easy to read and a joy to behold.

Dile has some extremely impressive environment pieces. The skill shown in the image above showcases his professional attitude to whatever subject Dile is given. I love the presentation of all the images, they really work as a set.

The image bellow is my personal favourite. The little girl stands out and really grabs your attention. The use of the rule of thirds is also masterfully done. I could look at this all day and not get board. If there is one complaint I have it would be I feel this would work well as a series of 3. I would love to see the workings of this image.

The only critique I have about this sketchbook is I feel he needs to work on a book of his own. I would snap something like this up in a heart beat. Also I would love to see more videos. Dile is an extremely talented artist so if he was to produce 1 time laps video per month I am certain that he would get a big youtube following. Speaking of youtube be sure to subscribe to his channel right here.

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