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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

We are back + Sketchbook feature

Greetings all
Well it’s a new year and I am making major changes to ArtFreck which should mean more updates and more artists featured. Over the next few weeks I you may see some changes in the design of this blog (the current design is temporary) but more on that another time. Lets feature a sketchbook.

Sketchbook: Sketchy Sketches Of Doom
Artist: Braineater

Let me start off by saying I am a sucker for 2 things, studies and stylised art. Braineater’s sketchbook has both. You can see the dedication to her studies by the sheer amount of them in this sketchbook. The latest batch of 1-point perspective studies look daunting, in a good way.

Posemaniacs seems to be another favourite study point for Braineater. There are alot of figure drawings here and whilst they may not especially standout individually as a group they really show commitment to her craft. One thing I would say is she needs to watch out for small anatomy errors especially with the heads.

Style wise this sketchbook is really impressive. Braineater produces at least one charmingly stylised image for each anatomy error she makes making her sketchbook one of the most charming ones I have had the pleasure of stumbling across. The strong lines and great grasp of cross hatching (and in more recent studies water colours) really puts a smile on my face. I really cant wait to see what she does next.

Whilst I really like this sketchbook there are some flaws that could be overcome with a little study in the right areas. My main gripe is with line confidence. Straight lines appear wobbly. This could be solved by practising drawing basic shapes like squares, triangles and circles as a warm up exercises.

Next is the occasional anatomy issue, particularly with heads. I think by spending a day or 2 just mapping out the human head and where the features would fall (with guide lines) would be of great benefit to her.

Overall I really love this sketchbook and I hope Braineater continues to challenge herself. I would love to see more of her stylised water colour works just because the look great.

Remember to show her some love by visiting her sketchbook

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