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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Artist Feature: Dylan Teague

Holy crap this guy is good. Dylan's sketch blog makes you want to pick up a pencil and draw. This blog is filled with some fantastic sketches and some awe inspiring comic pages. The great thing about this blog are the development of some of the final pieces. You get to see Dylan's work process, something that I personally love.

Visit his blog at:

I have not seen a sketchbook use colours quite like Dylan's The varying shades of red and blue are a great contrast and I would love to see more artists post work like this up. The image above seems a bit chaotic and eclectic but for some reason I can't stop starting at it, and this is just one example of his sketches.

I always try to feature the female form in this blog (feel free to call me a pervert) and these studies are a fantastic example of how to lay out your sketchbook. Rough doodles in light blue fill up otherwise unused space whilst not detracting attention from the main figures. Line quality is superb and eye catching. No line is out of place or wasted.

I know a few artists struggle with colour (myself included). This is a fine example of how to apply colour. By using minimal tonal variations Dylan has brought this character to life. The minimal background and foreground look fantastic and really bring the piece together.

I love featuring comic work. I feel it takes a great amount of knowledge and effort to even attempt comic art yet alone master it. This is where Dylan really shines. His professional level and expertise is outstanding. This part of his portfolio is worth a visit on its own.

I could easily ramble about Dylan's work all day but I would recommend you view it for yourself.

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