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Monday, 28 January 2013

Sketchbook review: Kvetchbook

Sketchbook: Kvetchbook
Artist: Kvetch

The thing I love about Kvetch's sketchbook is the potential shown. It starts off with some oblivious confidence issues but as the post come the talent grows. You can see the effort put into this sketchbook and you can get a sense of the commitment the artist has put into his craft. The transition from blurry lines to solid forms is an impressive feat making this sketchbook one to keep an eye on.

Blurry lines at the start of the sketchbook

The studies are sharp and crisp making them really enjoyable to look at. Some of the early ones display some really advanced theories like textured and reflective surfaces. These are really hard to pull off but Kvetch makes it look effortless.

Note the textured and reflective surfaces
One of Kvetch's strengths is knowing his weaknesses. His early figure work is a bit weak so he focused on tightening up his figure skills by a set of measurement exercises and just general practise. The study shown bellow is a fine example of what can be achieved when you focus on fixing your weaknesses.

Still life studies feature heavily in this sketchbook. Simplistic items such as mobile phones are rendered to near perfection. This attention to detail makes them eye catching and nearly tangible. These are by far some of the best still life studies I have seen in a long time.

There are some extremely inspiring imagination studies in this sketchbook. Using what looks like a custom brush at varying opacity produces a great stylised effect. I would love to see this expanded upon.

The only critique I can really give is I would like to see more imaginative figure studies. Kvetch seems to have a grasp of studying figures but I have not seen many unique character designs from him. I must say what the sketchbook lacks in figure work it more than makes up for in environments.

My highlighted piece has to be an environment. Kvetch has a natural ability for creating eye catching scenes and the piece bellow is my favourite. The futuristic feel combine with the eye catching yellow is really fun to look at. Everything feels crisp and neat yet still has a stylistic look to it. The background works perfectly with the foreground leading the eye around the image.

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