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Saturday, 19 January 2013

Sketchbook Review: Floatharr's endeavours

We are back with another sketchbook feature. Without further delay lets get started.

Sketchbook: Floatharr's endeavours
Artist: Floatharr

If there is one thing that makes this sketchbook stand out it is the value studies. I rarely see such crisp and confident work. Flotharr has an almost instinctive grasp of shading which makes his studies really leap off the page. The skulls (featured bellow) are an excellent example of how a simple sketch can be transformed into a really impressive fully rendered piece.

I have not seen a sketchbook with hair studies for quite some time so I was delighted to see some nice loose drawings on this subject within his sketchbook. They are simplistic but not to the extent you cant workout what they are. They all seem to have personality and the line art is confident.

Whilst looking through his sketchbook I also noticed a post on hand studies. Anyone who is struggling to draw hands may want to check this sketchbook out.

The one thing I must really point out is the massive progress Floatharr has made. The first page was nothing too special but when you compare to the later pages you can really see the dedication and love for the craft blossoming. This is not some guy who started off talented. He really worked his butt off to get to the level he is at today.

For critique I would like to see more fully fleshed ideas. Maybe character sheets but most certainly more competition entries if he has the time.

Before I end this sketchbook review I would like to leave you with one of the most eye catching images in Floatharr's sketchbook.

I love the colours, lighting and unique depth of field. Very unusual piece that is almost touchable.

Keep up the very nice work.

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