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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Interview with Radiant Dreamer

Radiant Dreamer has been a part of multiple video game projects but the works I recognise her from is the cover art for Blazblue. Radiant combines the manga style with traditional looking brush textures to give her work a unique feel.

I would highly recommend viewing Radiant’s full portfolio as there is such variety in there, from simple concept sketches right the way to fully rendered final pieces.

Portfolio Review
I have spent some time looking at Radiant’s Portfolio and I love every piece. Rather than stick to one single highly polished style Radiant has a mixture of styles ranging from quick sketches to highly polished pieces. Radiant’s sketches are extremely inspiring to me as the make me want to pick up my sketchpad again and start drawing.


AF: What got you interested in the manga style?

When I was a child, I was introduced to anime by my parents. I was hooked on how beautiful and different the art style was compared to North American cartoons. There was so much intricate detail. A lot of the anime took place in space, which was uncommon in North American cartoons.

AF: You have worked for over 8 years in the videogame industry. Do you have a standout project?

Actually, it’s 10 years now!  Still my favorite project was being a lead artist on Sonic Rivals. Working with the team in bringing a new facet to Sonic was incredibly rewarding and fun. I also love working with Arc System Works for covers and posters!  It brings me great joy in knowing that I’m famous, and my art is forever immortalized in print.

AF: Who are your inspirations?

I can’t say for sure… I really love the artwork of Shigenori Soejima. But people seem to say my styles resemble the old-school works of Rumiko Takahashi and Orange Road. I guess I can’t escape my roots!

AF: Have you always wanted to be in the art industry?

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved to draw. It took a lot of effort in order to get into the industry, and that effort can only come about through passion for art, and support from loved ones.

AF: Can you give any details on up and coming projects you are working on?

I’m currently art director at Fathom Interactive, and we’ve just launched a closed Beta for Sky Pirates of Neo Terra. It’s a game based on the comic drawn by Camilla d’Errico. In addition, I’m still working closely with Arc System Works Europe on upcoming games artwork and promotional material. I’m constantly accepting contract work as well, from video games to anime mascots, so you may see my work around! Stay on the lookout!

AF: You have a youtube channel. Which is your favourite video you have created?

I would have to say my absolute favorite video is Loligoth Girl. She was the pivotal moment in time that I re-invented my art style, and she is also my most popular video on youtube. Originally, I had felt stuck in a rut, and my art style wasn’t going where I wanted to improve, so I spent some time analyzing what was appealing about anime, and came up with Loligoth Girl.

AF: What is your average work process?

The process can take anywhere from 6hrs to 17hrs to create a piece, all depending on the style that I want to go for. I usually start with a base sketch, and I keep modifying the sketch until I am happy with it before I start line work, and finally color. Sometimes, I even modify the work in the middle of the coloring process! It’s not advisable to do that, but sometimes I don’t see a flaw in my drawing until the color is applied.

AF:Some of your pieces have a fantastic texture to them. How did this style come about?

It’s my own signature style. I noticed that a lot of anime artists drift towards mainstream, with solid lines, and clean color. It looks absolutely amazing at times. But I wanted to do something different. So I took my traditional skills and knowledge and merged it with anime
to bring a more “organic” look to my illustrations. I believe that everyone should have their own style. Everyone does within them, but it takes time to discover it and bring it out.

AF: How do you spend your free time?

I wish I had free time! But when I do, I enjoy a good game of Soul Calibur, or go snowboarding. I also spend way too much time on facebook. It’s fun to help my fans and critique their artwork!
Are you much of a gamer? If so what types of games do you enjoy?

My favorite games are RPGs. But in recent years, I’ve had little time to dedicate to RPGs, so I play a lot of action and adventure games like Uncharted or Soul Calibur. Sometimes, I’ll have time for an RPG like Persona or Mass Effect.

AF: Where do you get your inspiration?

In everyday life. Sometimes, I see something that looks interesting, and it inspires me to draw! Very often, it would be something from a magazine, or seeing someone walking along the street, or something interesting that I see on the internet.

AF: Tell us something about you that people would not know.

Some of my online fans don’t know if I’m a guy or a girl in real life! I guess that will remain a mystery to them!

AF: How did the name radiant dreamer come about?

Radiant means emitted heat or light. It comes from one source and shines out, spreading itself further. Radiant means the spreading and sharing of ideas, originating from somewhere.

Dreamer means a person who has dreams or goals. It can come from one person, or many people.

When put together, you have RadiantDreamer – a source of light, inspiration, and dreams. The more people share the same dreams, the brighter the source, the further out it spreads. RadiantDreamer isn’t just about me, but as a whole – much larger than just myself. I may be the vehicle for it, but it’s most certainly more than that.

AF: Is there anything you wish to plug?

If you want to learn to draw, and become a professional artist, be sure to follow me on facebook ( and youtube ( to learn what it takes, and of course, visit my site! I will teach you how to draw!

Be sure to check out Radiant’s Deviantart account here
Radiant Dreamer’s Youtube channel
Find Radiant on Facebook
Also be sure to bookmark Radiant’s personal website

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