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Saturday, 10 November 2012

Sketchbook: LtPlissken

Sketchbook by LtPlissken

Sketchbook name: Sexual Live for nothing or Draw for something…

Medium: Digital/ Pencil


Over all impressions.
This sketchbook is testament to what can be achieved with dedication and practice. The early drawings are nothing to brag about but as sketchbook progresses you can see major improvement. There is a great variety of works here ranging from studies to coloured works.

This is a long sketchbook (over 60 pages) because LtPlissken is fairly popular due to the fact that he responds to as many of the comments as he possibly can.

You can find all kinds of studies in this sketchbook. Not only is there figure drawings but there are quite afew perspective and environment pieces.

I have not seen many sketchbooks with such nice perspective drawings. It is great seeing the vanishing points and his guidelines. One of his best studies is the staircases(shown above). They look fantastic and have a real 3d feel to them.

The main criticism I can give to LtPlissken is the heads don’t seem to fit the bodies right. This is because of minor issues with the anatomy of the face and neck. My personal recommendation would be to practice portraits for abit just to fix this issue.

It would also be nice to see more dynamic poses in his finished pieces. I would love to see figures in strange perspective angles. This would help to create more interesting final pieces.

More coloured pieces would also be nice as LtPlissken has a nice eye for colour.

Personal favourite piece
Whilst I love his perspective studies my favorite piece is reserved for his weapons. Particularly his enchanted hammer. The colours look great and there is a great contrast in the image that makes the hammer pop off the page.

The scratchy style adds character to the weapon and really compliments the glow. He has captured a sense of heat at the bottom of the hammer. This gives it a just forged look.

The background really suits the image as it highlights the important areas of the image and draws your eye there. The background serves to heighten the contrast. I would love to see this style mixed with his figure studies.

Final point
LtPlissken is defiantly on the right track. He has some great designs and a good eye for colour. This sketchbook is defiantly one to keep an eye on. Plus he has a great sense of humor and sometimes adds a random youtube video into some of his posts.

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