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Saturday, 10 November 2012

Sketchbook: Pen And Ink Drawings By Dawood Marion

Sketchbook by Dawood Marion

Sketchbook name: Dawood Marion Drawing Pad

Medium: Pen and Ink Drawings with Acrylic


The reason I chose this sketchbook to be featured was because of it’s raw nature. Whilst not perfect each of his pen and ink drawings has a lot of personality to them.

His work is a breath of fresh air. My personal favorite is the self-portrait. The size is impressive and the attitude projected in the face is very nice indeed. I love the fact that it is made up to look like a movie poster.

Anatomy is delightfully warped without being to alien. Everything is close enough to the real thing to be recognizable but to so abstract that it confuses. This gives his work some real charm that I have only found in afew artists.

Another nice feature of his is the fact that he also creates youtube videos. The videos feel abit like an armature skateboard video (in a good way). I do fee he could play on the drawing out in public more, maybe even get someone else to hold the camera whilst he sketches.

The environment ink drawing that caught my eye has a fantastic monotone look to it. The coffee shade of brown gives it a rustic look. This also has the effect of having a sensory feel to it. Like all his images you can almost touch his work through the computer screen. Hell this piece I can almost smell.

I have not seen another sketchbook that makes me feel like getting out there and drawing. His overall presentation has a very cool feel. I love the fact that he has tried his hand at video and I would love to see more from Dawood in the future.

Be sure to check out his sketchbook here

Also be sure to watch some of his videos. They have more character about them than most of the videos I have seen on youtube.

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