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Saturday, 10 November 2012

Sketchbook: ssandulak’s sketch pad

Sketchbook by ssandulak

Sketchbook name: ssandulak’s sketch pad – diving into digital awesome

Medium: Digital/ Pencil


Over all impressions.
The sketchbook initially has a rough feel to it. Some of the earlier studies are seem a bit too loose but as the sketchbook grows so to does ssandulak’s confidence. His later works are unrecognizable to the first posts.

There is a good variety of art works here. These range from studies to competition pieces to personal works.

You can see the dedication to his craft through the quality of his studies. Loomis studies look almost as good as the book which he based them from. The time he spent studying muscles and proportions has really paid off.

I must pay special attention to his texture studies (shown above) The is a fantastic contrast giving them a realistic look. I would love to see more studies like this personally.

The face and expression studies look great. The line art is extreamly confident. It is nice seeing such variety in the faces.

If I had to give some constructive criticism it would be I feel ssandulak needs to study colour theory for a bit. This is just to make his illustrations standout that bit more. I do feel that his work is constantly improving so it should not be too long before he masters that.

Personal favourite piece
There are quite a few nice pieces in this sketchbook but my favorite has to be the robotic girl. The contrast is great and I love the steam punk feel to it. I really enjoy the background. Most of the space in the image is used very wisely. Nothing looks to cluttered or too bare. Everything in this image tells a story from the little sketches in the background right the way to the decoration on her top.

It is nice to see a female figure not overly sexualized yet still having personality. This is an extremely classy piece. I would love to see a coloured version but the black and white does serve its purpose to create a nice contrast between the figure and the environment.

Final point
In the few post ssandulak has put up he has improved dramatically. If he keeps up the hard work I can see this becoming a very popular and inspiring sketchbook.

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