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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Sketchbook: Kristoff

Title: Kristoff learnes to draw! ^_^
Link: Click Here

Don’t let the title fool you, from start to finish the quality of this sketchbook is nothing but excellent. If nothing else you should visit his sketchbook for the Bridgman/ Loomis studies. Kristoff recently earned five stars for his sketchbook and with good reason.

Even early on in his sketchbook you can see some pretty nice concepts. The girl with stitches is a very nice piece of art in its own right.
As I said in a previous sketchbook review, I love anatomy studies. I feel I always learn something from observing other peoples studies. Kristoff has a lot of anatomy drawings under her belt, which may explain why she is so good at drawing figures.

My personal favourite piece is the planes study. It is a unique way to learn how to shade a face and a technique I will be using myself at a later date. Other pieces that are note worthy is pretty much everything from page five onward as he seems to have found his niech at this point. The renders reach a near professional level at this point and if you are reading the sketchbook chronolgically the sketchbook becomes a compulsive read.

Her thumbnails on page eight are wonderfully loose yet still hold enough detail and clarity that you can easily make out what the concept is. The finished product is simply breath taking. If you ever feel like giving up on art Kristoff’s sketchbook shows you what a little hard work and effort can achieve.

Alot of people have commented on her improvement, and rightly so. Whilst I feel the early pages in her sketchbook show promise she has improved far beyond anyone’s expectations. If we compare her image of the girl with scars to one of her later images we can see a drastic change in both style and execution.

As always the images shown belong to the artist in question. You should also note that this is just a fraction of her work (I had to restrain myself from posting every image she has) so naturally you should check out her entire sketchbook. You will not be disapointed.

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