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Saturday, 10 November 2012

Sketchbooks: Scratches in the dark

Sketchbook: Scratches in the dark

Owner: Little-Maiden


The improvement in this sketchbook is really impressive. First page a lot of his work seems very flat but by page 9 the sketchbook evolves into an impressive mix of studies and concept work.

I am a sucker for perspective drawings and I adore one of the later pictures on page 9. This seems like a great exercise to quickly grasp the concept of perspective.

Gesture studies demonstrate a fine grasp of proportions. I would like to see him join the gesture studies with his perspective ones.

I have noticed afew skeletal studies, which look accurate. I don’t see many studies of these types in sketchbook so. It would be nice to see more of them.

So far my favourite piece in the sketchbook is on page 8. Little-Maiden combines his gesture studies with colour to produce simplistic yet extremely eye catching poses.

I do think if he really wants to improve should focus on generating thumbnails for final pieces so he can generate some interesting perspectives and ultimately more eye catching final pieces.  Also I do think his studies are holding him back at this time. Little Maiden has a keen grasp of all the concepts, if he was to focus now on just creating finals I feel he could become one of the strongest artists on the web very quickly.

I seriously cannot wait to see what he comes up with next.  Keep entering those competitions and you will win one very soon.

There were so many great images in his sketchbook I did not have space to put them all in. Be sure to visit his sketchbook

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