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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Artist Feature: GodOfBadWeather

I love the anime and manga style. Done well it is eye catching and very stylish, so when I got the chance to feature some manga art you bet I lept at the chance. GodOfBadWeather is an exceptional artist with an impressive portfolio of manga art, not only that but she can also paint in a realistic style. Be sure to check out her full gallery

The use of strong bold colours in the more graphical pieces works extremely well with her style. Whilst there is not a log going on, in regards to perspective, the background makes the characters pop and makes them immediately noticeable.

Freed (the image above) is one of my personal favourites in GodOfBadWeather's gallery. Striking use of contrasting values coupled with fantastic application of the rule of  thirds, produces this stunning image. The pale skin looks great and the daring choice of painting his with damp rags really paid off.

I could talk about the stylised stuff all day but I must mention the more realistic studies. These are great and really showcase GodOfBadWeather's range of skills. In the image above we not only see him tackle the difficult subject of glass but also a variety of textures.

Be sure to visit the full gallery on Deviantart.

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