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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Artist Feature: Petitecream

I was alerted to Petitecream's work via my twitter feed. She was promoting her comic "The Wastelands" I was impressed with what I saw so I felt the need to show Petite's work to you.

To view all her current projects visit

Before I get onto the comic lets look at some of the other interesting works in her gallery.

Some of her more graphical styles look really cool and eye catching. There are some good colour schemes going on in Petitiecream's work.

Another thing I love is the use of texture. When done right this adds an extra element to the atmosphere of an image. The marbled effect combine with the subtle dark tones in the image bellow give a creepy foreboding feel.

Anther image of Petitecream's that makes excellent use of texture is the bellow environment study.

The sketches from her TF2 Halloween series are eye catching in their minimalist nature. These are a unique take on a very popular game and I would love to see more work in this style.

Now on to the comic. Whilst Petitecream has a few comics under her belt that are worth a look, the Wastelands just has a much stronger look to it. The first few sample pages on her site look fantastic. All that she has learnt from all the images she has displayed over the site seem to have merged into a fantastic style. The environments are fantastically textured making them leap off the page and the bold daring use of lighting creates a final product that is difficult to ignore.

Overall whilst Petitecream as a bit of a way to go this site is certainly worth a visit. This is one artist that will be a joy to watch grow.

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