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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Featured Artsit: Mel Artugue

I am over joyed that I get to feature a vector artist. Mel has a great range of works from unique looking vector portraits, right the way to avatars. I really don't get to see much vector art so when one comes along you can bet I am going to feature it.

View Mel's blog over at

It is something most of us never think about but someone created the default avatars you see on forums and comment boxes. Mel has given me a new appreciation to these little works of art. These designs are very well executed and look great as a set.

The above image is my favourite in Mel's gallery. The vector style looks very distinctive and eye catching. I love the 3D look to this style.

Being somewhat of an anime and manga fan, another thing that I love about Mel's portfolio is the cartoony images. The graphical nature of these can have a multitude of applications and I would love to see Mel get lots of commissions in this style to expand his portfolio.  Be sure to request a commission from Mel via his website

One of Mel's more recent work is for an up and coming game project. I love the range of characters in this and I love the style.

Over all I cant wait to see this artist grow and produce even more great and unique pieces of art. Be sure to check out Mel's full portfolio

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