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Saturday, 2 March 2013

Deviant Art Feature: me-illuminated

Me-illuminated has a stunning gallery. It is worth a visit just for the perfectly rendered skin. Whilst this is not the biggest gallery (just over 30 images as of 27th of Feb 2013) each image looks fantastic and you can really see the consistent level of skill in each image. There are no weak images and no filler. Even the studies look great.

Me-illuminated has a flare for portraits. Black and white or full colour renders the faces look consistently amazing and life like. Hair is something most artists struggle with but Me-illuminated achieves a realistic look with apparent ease.

The details in each of his images are magnificent. Small things like the parting in hair or textures in clothing add to each image.

Whilst Me-illuminated can handle a subtle colour pallet when he paints with more vibrant colours something spectacular is always created. He has the wonderful ability to grab the viewers eye and hold it. The image above (mayday, mayday) is very eye catching. Bold colours really tell a story about the character shown. Different textures are captured flawlessly and the back lighting really makes this image pop out at you.

My personal favourite image is Angela Eanor- Come and get some. The colours are fantastic. The character concept is well executed and I love the details in the sparks coming from her. I am glad no background was added as I feel it would detract from the image. I must mention the bow. I love the design and the idea of adding multiple bow strings makes it look even more powerful. It is a very clever way of manipulating your eye back to the main character as well.

I must mention the image above. I grew up on Disney cartoons so this piece inspired by beauty and the beast really brought a smile to my face. Nice re imagining on a classic cartoon.

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